ABOUT Kostas Giannopoulos


"Welcome to the captivating world of Kostas Giannopoulos, a talented photographer and NFT artist based in Aachen, Germany. Born in 1979 in Aachen and with Greek heritage, Kostas has been deeply fascinated by photography since his early years. In 2009, he acquired his first DSLR camera and embarked on a self-taught journey, immersing himself in the art of capturing stunning portraits.
Driven by his passion for visual storytelling, Kostas has expanded his artistic horizons over the years. He has recently delved into the mesmerizing realm of nude photography, where he masterfully combines aesthetics, light, and form to create evocative and captivating compositions. His work in this genre has garnered attention and recognition, with two of his pieces showcased in prestigious NFT exhibitions in Beijing and the world's largest NFT fair in New York the NFTNYC.

Kostas's keen eye and ability to capture the essence of his subjects have made his photographs highly sought after. His talent has earned him a place in the collections of discerning art enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Each of Kostas's photographs possesses a timeless quality that transcends conventional art, evoking a range of emotions and leaving a lasting impression.
Join Kostas Giannopoulos on his artistic journey as he continues to push the boundaries of photography and NFT art. Explore his portfolio and experience the power of his imagery, where moments of vulnerability and raw emotion are beautifully captured. Discover the breathtaking artistry that lies within each frame and be transported to a world where visual storytelling knows no bounds."

Interview about Kostas byNFTCulture